I liked this book, and was only slightly miffed when ONCE AGAIN, I have read a great YA book that will be a trilogy or series. A co-worker was disgusted with how BEAUTIFUL these characters were, but honestly, I was so engrossed in the emerging mystery that I paid little attention to looks.

It’s sometime in the future. Day is a brilliant street criminal that thrives on reputation and destruction caused to the government. It’s the United States, but not really anymore. Apparently there was a civil war, and as a result the country has been divided. We don’t know much about the Rebels, other than that they are the enemy. It’s a world in which children are tested to determine their worth and usability to society. Individuality and defiance are death sentences, though the public is told that the children are sent to work camps. Brilliancy combined with blind obedience is a treasure, and one girl is treasured above all others. She’s gifted, loyal and undeterred. And she is after Day.

June is thrust into the spotlight with an early promotion into the service of the government, despite her young age. Her brother Metias has raised her to be a good citizen. After the deaths of their parents, the two siblings do their best to serve their superiors. Metias is a young Captain, and well respected in his field. When tragedy strikes, it is up to June to capture Day. Going undercover in the streets where he roams, June is caught in an ever-widening web of deceit. Not is all as it seems, and when she discovers Day, he is not at all what she expected. With a shift in perspective, June wages an internal war while remaining deeply entrenched in a conflict that goes far beyond one boy and one crime.

This is Marie Lu’s first novel. I look forward to the next in the series.

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