The Demon Glass

I discovered this book in a list of best adult books for teens in a magazine that arrived for me at my library. I was able to obtain a copy, and it did not disappoint! From the very start, I was hooked. The action begins early with the discovery of a body by Lin, our teenage protagonist. Her family is en route to a rental home for the coming months because her father failed to make professor in a disappointing and politically motivated act by his university. The only viable alternative is for him to study the Demon Glass in Germany. The only problem is that the glass hasn’t been seen for hundreds of years and might not even exist. Furthermore, the glass is rumored to be cursed, with the creator obtaining his skills through allegiance to demons, thus bringing one into our realm. After a series of bizarre and violent deaths involving those somehow connected to the glass, Lin is thrown into increasingly disturbing and secretive activities. Her only ally is Michel, the farmer’s son who lives nearby who also seems to know more than he’s letting on, like much of the village. When tragedy strikes close to home, Lin must choose to keep her secrets or make a stand. <br/><br/>I gave it a rare 5 stars. I stayed up loooong past my bedtime riveted to the narrative. The language is clear and the pace is just enough to make it impossible to put down. My day job seriously hampers this! However, as a librarian, I will gladly add this title to an upcoming book club discussion and recommend it to many. Helen Grant has a new fan.
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