Catfish Literary Festival in Athens, AL June 4, 2016

HEY Y’ALL! I’m going to be on the Sci-Fi/Fantasy panel at the Catfish Literary Festival in Athens on June 4th. This is my very first opportunity to make connections with readers and talk about my first novel The Treasures of Dodrazeb: The Origin Key. I’m sure there will be others on hand who will have more interesting things to say, but it should be a great discussion about all aspects of writing, reading, and enjoying Science Fiction and Fantasy.

I’m also looking forward to seeing some fellow writers from Huntsville at this event. One of those is author and all-round lovely human being Ashley Chappell. who made me blush when she described my bookThe Treasures of Dodrazeb: The Origin Key is a stunning debut novel from an author to watch. McPhail’s creation is packed with tension and excitement, from the political machinations of the empire to the almost Atlantean history of Dodrazeb and mythical Anutupi. The imagery is enchanting, but the adventure is mesmerizing.”

Ashley ChappellAshley writes primarily YA Fantasy with a sharp slice of humor, but also Science Fiction and Urban Fantasy when the voices just won’t leave her alone. For more about her and her books including the Dreams of Chaos series, go to

Come and see me, Ashley, and a bunch of other local writers on Saturday, June 4th!

June 4th is the Second Annual Catfish Literary Festival at the Athens Limestone County Public Library, 603 South Jefferson Street, Athens, AL. Enjoy a day celebrating local authors and the art of story-craft. For more information, call 256-232-1233.

CatfishFest2Local authors and publishers will converge at the Athens-Limestone Public Library on Saturday, June 4th, for the 2nd Annual Catfish Literary Festival–a time to celebrate books, culture, history, and the power of the printed word. It will be an opportunity for readers to connect with authors, and for aspiring writers to speak with publishing professionals. The event begins at 10:00 am and will feature the unveiling of the winning logo from the design contest.

Over 25 authors and publishers from North Alabama will be in attendance. Planned panel discussions include how to get published, writing for children and teens, writing non-fiction, and more. Authors will have copies of their books for sale and they will be available for questions. There is no entrance fee for the public.


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