Ruby: The Love Gem

rubySince ancient times, the color red has been universally associated with the most intense emotions—love, anger, passion, and fury. A perfect expression of love for Valentine’s Day, the ruby (from the Latin “rubeus,” meaning red) is a gemstone associated with love, passion, power, and energy.

BetweenWallFire_thmbA young man confronts wizardry and deceit when he tries to rescue an entire village – and one pretty girl in particular – from starvation and despair using only his wits and determination. A Ruby for Dyree is one of my Treasures of Dodrazeb short stories featured in the sci-fi/fantasy anthology Between the Wall and the Fire.  Get your copy on!

ruby-stilettos-1-6millionRevered throughout human history, the ruby has attained a special place in modern popular culture. Dorothy’s “ruby slippers” both protected her from evil and had the power to transport her back home to Kansas. The Sorcerer’s Stone that gave Harry Potter such a hard time was blood red in color and resembled a lumpy uncut ruby with the power to restore and prolong life. Powerful dragons are often depicted with glowing red eyes, a trait that signifies their ability to breathe fire.

71243_1231911875Cherished today as the ultimate symbol of love and passion, the ruby was valued in ancient times for various enigmatic properties. Many medieval Europeans wore rubies to guarantee health, wealth, wisdom, and success in love. In addition to their protective powers, they reputedly helped control evil thoughts, dispel anger, and resolve disputes. In some cultures, it was said that a ruby gives its wearer the strength of a lion, the fearlessness of an eagle, and the wisdom of a snake.

21-43ct-rubyKnown in many ancient cultures as the “stone of kings,” ruby symbolism and lore are closely associated with power, wealth, and protection. People believed wearing the stone on the left, the heart side, would allow the wearers to live peacefully. They also thought the blood-colored stone would preserve them from all perils, including keeping their homes safe from storms. The Burmese regarded the ruby as the stone of soldiers. They believed inserting rubies into their flesh bestowed invulnerability, keeping them safe from wounds in battle.

Treasures of Dodrazeb: The Origin KeyTreasures of Dodrazeb: The Origin Key is a historical sword-and-science fantasy adventure set in the third century. Older and more mysterious than ancient Egypt, the strange kingdom of Dodrazeb ignites a Persian warrior’s curiosity when he leads an army to conquer it. Mesmerized by Dodrazeb’s puzzles, the warrior is determined to peel back its layers of secrets as its desperate princess does everything she can to expel the invaders. What have they been hiding from the rest of the world for thousands of years? Get your copy on! Available in both e-book and paperback.


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