Support Your Local Library!

Your local library is one of the most important resources in your community. Why? Is there anything more economical than using the free resources at the library? FREE! At no cost to you. Gratis. But do you know of all the resources available to you?

Public Library

Books. Everyone seems to know that there are shelves upon shelves of books and other reading material, appropriate for all ages, available to the public. Yes, you can check something out and read it for free as long as you have a valid library card. (The cards are free, too, you just need to ask for one.) But how many people know just how much more is waiting for you at the library than the stacks of FREE reading material?

Movies. More people these days seem to be drawn to the library to check out DVDs than books. Some libraries offer a shorter checkout period for newer movies and a longer time for the older ones. Either way, you can satisfy your appetite for classics, blockbusters, indie, art-house, drama, and comedy for FREE

Music. Music CDs are very popular at some libraries. You can find not only the latest hits but all genres including jazz, classical, country, pop, folk, R&B as well. Sampling music for free lets you expand your horizons. Who knows? Maybe you really do like some of that obscure, international hard-to-find sound like Tibetan wind chimes or Peruvian flute bands. Go crazy and try it all – it’s FREE

Computers. Free wireless Internet connectivity without the distractions of a coffee house. Free computer access if you don’t bring your own laptop. Free computer classes if you want to learn how to use computers effectively. Helpful and friendly librarians who might not mind helping to get you set up and on your way to surfing the web – for FREE!

Newspapers and magazines. Why bother with a subscription when you don’t read the entire thing anyway? Your local library has it. That back issue you accidentally recycled and now you need? You can find it at the library. Cut down on your subscriptions and read the most important ones like Time and Newsweek at the library. For Free!

Public Service Information. Every spring as tax time approaches, your local library stocks up on all the income tax forms and instruction booklets. The library can’t (and won’t) give you tax advice, but they can tell you where to find that information. And speaking of finding information, your library is the best source for discovering the hidden gems in your own local community. Local festivals, celebrations, gatherings, fundraisers, and other events are generally publicized at the library. Complete information on public services available to all citizens in the area can also be found there. And it’s all FREE!

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  1. Speaking of free music…the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library subscribes to a service called Freegal Music. Just by logging onto our website with your library card, you can download up to five songs a week FOR FREE. Just like iTunes or Spotify, but without the subscription fee or the cost of purchasing tracks of music. Where else can you get new and popular music for free?


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