Silver Sucky Award

The Silver Sucky AwardWhat does it mean, to “suck hind tit?” Generally, this American idiomatic expression means to “be inferior” in one way or another. The term is derived from the behavior of farm animals, particularly pigs. In the rush to suckle from the mother sow, the weakest piglet of the litter is forced to nurse on the hindmost tit which delivers the least nourishment. The piglet must work harder for less fulfillment than the others in the litter.

It is a very useful phrase to describe the emotions one experiences when feeling slighted or put upon. But not slighted in an ordinary, everyday way; it is best employed when an especially egregious injustice has been perpetrated.

To be informed by one’s boss that it will be necessary to share your previously private office with a new-hire coworker is unfortunate. To be informed by one’s boss that two new hires will be moving into the office and you are being transferred to the subsidiary in Outer Mongolia sucks hind tit.

To place an online order for the perfect outfit to wear to your friend’s wedding only to discover that it is on backorder and won’t be delivered on time is unfortunate. To miss your friend’s wedding because your identity has been stolen, your credit is ruined, and you suddenly owe two years’ salary in charges for purchases you didn’t make sucks hind tit.

To have a brand-new, recently installed tire go flat is unfortunate. To be informed by the tire store where it was purchased that the extra warranty you paid for covers almost every situation except this one sucks hind tit.

To be tasked with writing a twenty-page report with an impossibly short deadline is unfortunate. To get the report written and ready for submission on time only to discover that the file has been hopelessly corrupted and ruined along with every other piece of data on your laptop due to the previously unknown virus sucks hind tit.

No one is immune to the occasional situation that calls for an irate exclamation of “that sucks hind tit!” Every now and then, though, a truly outrageous, unbelievably idiotic situation arises that requires more than a passing acknowledgement of hind tit suckling. For these occasions we have created the ultimate recognition: the Silver Sucky Award.

Sucky Award Dishonorable MentionIf you wish to nominate a person, a business, a situation, or an action for a Silver Sucky Award, please leave a comment explaining what happened and why the Sucky is deserved. We will also gladly bestow a Sucky Dishonorable Mention when appropriate.

Editor’s Note: We hotly debated what to call this award. The acronym that naturally comes to mind from Sucks Hind Tit seems especially fitting, but perhaps a little too earthy for such a high-toned blog as this. So we went with Silver Sucky Award. Guess what that acronym is – backward.

1 thought on “Silver Sucky Award

  1. Well, I am so glad that you explained that sucking hind tit is an Americanism, but those of us from the South will recognize it as a Southern Americanism. I really think we should be given credit since there is no better place to live in America than in the South. Y’all.


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