The Screening Room

I like movies.

I like movies a LOT.

I like seeing movies in a theater, I like seeing movies on cable TV, I like seeing movies on DVD and Blu-ray disc. I own quite a few movies on disc. I like to read about movies and (selected) actors and how Hollywood works and the latest trends in film techniques and studio marketing strategies and reviews by others.

I like movies so much that my friends are used to hearing me talk about them – and Hollywood directors and box office grosses and actors and the merits of CGI and just about any aspect of the movies. I talk about movies a lot.

Those friends of mine keep telling me how much they like reading my movie reviews and how I should share them in a blog. So here it is. What are my qualifications for writing about movies and sharing my opinions, you ask? I see more movies than the average person and I usually pay attention to what I watch, so I can tell you about what might make a movie good, bad, or merely indifferent. Just like a critic. Only I don’t get paid. And I don’t mind hearing or reading a different opinion, as long as it’s worded intelligently. I love having a good conversation about movies!

Sometimes I think they wanted me to start this blog so they wouldn’t have to listen to me drone on and on about movies. Too bad, my friends; I’m stil going to talk about it. A lot.

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